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Why is PKI needed?

Transactions of digital documents and networked devices are increasing unabated. PKI is thus gaining in importance for companies to protect against cyber attacks, data theft and industrial espionage – especially in the face of progressive automation. Managed SwissPKI is a cost-effective PKI for the management of digital keys and certificates.

We consider PKI to be an essential part of the strategic IT infrastructure. It supports the implementation of trustworthy signatures, encryption and authentication between people, systems and devices.

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SwissPKITM by libC Technologies helps you respond to market dynamics with flexibility and speed, reducing your costs, increasing security and minimizing risk. We offer tailored solutions that meet your business demands.

Benefits include:

  • Increase of operators certainty

    The ease of use of our product prevents misconfigurations and reduces risks – especially in countries that have limited access to well-trained security experts.


    Templates for common use cases eliminate expensive and lengthy consulting projects and get your solution up and running quickly. When they choose the Managed SwissPKI platform, they also eliminate investment costs and put their well-trained staff to work on their business.


    libC has developed a complete life-cycle system that triggers a reminder before certificates expire and automatically renews certificates – both for their own issued certificates and for public trust certificates.

  • THE Open interface extends usability beyond core functionality

    The integrated OpenAPI for automation gives the customer access to the functionality to use it in its applications.


  • No media disruption

    The modular structure and templates for standard processes enable efficient, customer-specific function extensions and integration into existing workflows.

  • Compliant with international standards

    The updating of changes to international standards (CAB, ETSI, RFC) is of course carried out continuously and exemplify the solution’s benefits profile.



    You create your keys independently and have sole control over key management. With our Managed PKI solutions, you can easily issue certificates and manage keys.

  • Customised interfaces

    For process automation, Managed SwissPKI offers customised interfaces and the latest container architecture. This ensures better scalability and optimal integration into your production processes.


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    Managed PKI

    • No investments and low running costs
    • Short implementation time – ordered today, ready tomorrow
    • Templates cover the most common use cases and make lengthy and expensive consulting projects superfluous
    • Highly qualified staff use them for their business – our specialists take care of the PKI
    • Your company processes integrate the PKI via the existing interfaces.

    Further information about the functionality can be found under Features. The scope of services corresponds to the on-premise Enterprise PKI solution.

    Something missing? – We manufacture and support you quickly and easily for exceptional cases.

    SwissPKI is now also on Amazon Webservices (AWS)

    • Verified and approved by AWS! The SwissPKI will soon be available on the AWS Marketplace (https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace).
    • Infrastructure resources scale automatically depending on usage
    • Integration of AWS services such as databases, message bus or Hardware Security Module (HSM)
    • Simple service upgrades
    • Day 2 operations included (e.g. patching, monitoring, alerting, backup, security)


    Banking Sector

    SwissPKITM, the first business class PKI product in the market to support the SCION technology.

    SIX and the Swiss National Bank SNB are launching the Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) intending to enable secure, flexible, and resilient data communication between the affiliated Swiss banking institutes.



    SwissSign Group AG is the largest Trust Services provider in Switzerland and offers a steadily growing customer base not only the centralised authentication solution SwissID, but also publicly trusted digital certificates, legally compliant digital signature services and private managed PKIs.


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