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SwissPKITM, the first business class PKI product in the marked to support the SCION technology.

SwissPKITM has been in use for several years with SIX Group to address organization internal security requirements. With the decision to set up a new kind of interbank network, SIX entrusted SwissPKITM with an even much greater task of responsibility.


SIX and the Swiss National Bank SNB are launching the Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) with the aim of enabling secure, flexible and resilient data communication between the affiliated Swiss banking institutes. SSFN is based on the SCION technology designed at ETH Zurich. SCION network architecture aims to offer a secure and modern alternative to the BGP network technology designed back in 1995 by offering strong control over who may use the network and which path transmitted data will take.

SCION relies on X.509 based PKI technology to secure the network routes, but deviates from established standard concepts in key points in order to improve the use of digital certificates in highly available network environments. A main difference is the waiving of the possibility to revoke certificates, which is compensated by very short lifetimes of the issued certificates.


In order to obtain strong network stability, the SCION based SSFN network is technically dependent on a performant and highly available PKI environment. From a business perspective, deep integration into the business processes around SIX’s SSFN service delivery is required.

These two essential requirements can be optimally addressed by the modern and scalable SwissPKITM which comes with comprehensive application interfaces to integrate the PKI with the organisation’s service management platforms.

libC Technologies was entrusted by SIX with the implementation of SSFN’s SCION Control Plane PKI. SwissPKITM was extended by libC’s engineering team to fulfil the requirements of the SCION standard making SwissPKITM the first business class PKI product in the market to support the SCION technology.


With its expertise and many years of experience, libC Technologies consulted SIX in the development of solution concepts for optimal integration of SwissPKITM with the emerging SCION technology and built the required integration components in close cooperation with the client.

•  Consulting on the technical integration of SCION technology with SwissPKITM
•  Support in the development of integrated business processes for building up customer service to establish the appropriate and necessary trust level of the PKI.

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