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The Managed Public Key Infrastructure as a Service
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The Managed Public Key Infrastructure
as a Service

Boost your digital security with the Swiss HSM as a Service from Securosys SA to deliver robust and centralized hardware based key management.

Reduce your operational overhead and save on costs.

Integrate with publicly trusted certification authorities

Compliant with standards

SwissPKI supports issuance and management of publicly trusted certificates.

Suited for mixed Unix and Microsoft

SwissPKI addresses cryptographic key management life-cycle for any environment.

Maintenance and Support

By choosing SwissPKI, you opt for tranquility. Indeed, the solution includes support.

Secure Swiss Data Center

Because your service data is valuable, SwissPKI ensures its security with managed hosting.

SwissPKITM is a feature rich, fully integrated Public Key Infrastructure service which helps expand your enterprise security: from large scale deployments to Embedded or CloudsHSM solution, our service provides all necessary out-of-the box components to increase your digital security in a safe, simple and quick way.

Multiple Root CA, Sub CA and Cross Signing

Deploy single or multi-level connected Certificate Authorities in a few mouse clicks to set up the essential trust between users and systems.
Certificate and CRL/ARL Publisher
Control and coordinate the business logic for all your CRL and certificate publication needs.
Certificate Policy Editor, predefined PKI policies
Create your own certificate policies or use pre-defined policy templates. Define fine-grained validation rules per certificate attribute using built-in features or connect your own external validation micro-services.
Time Stamp Authority (TSA)
ETSI & RFC 3161 compliant Time Stamp Authority
Online Certificate Responder (OCSP)
ETSI & RFC 6960 compliant OCSP server
Document Signer Service (DSS)
eIDAS 2015/1506/EU Document Signer Service
Microsoft Certificate Enrolment
Independence from Microsoft CA and seamless Active Directory PKI integration
Certificate Management Life-Cycle Workflow
Certificate issuance and management supporting external public CA. Certificate renewal, revocation and publication.

Implementation process

The Public Key Infrastructure as a turnkey service a few clicks away

  • Subscribe

    Choose or provide a domain name to access your dedicated Cloud Public Key Infrastructure.

  • Cloud HSM

    Select the number of partitions and sizes. Partitions are synchronized accross several physical HSMs.

  • Deploy

    Deploy your Cloud Public Key Infrastructure using predefined templates based on international standards.

Developed by


CloudsHSM, Swiss HSM as a Service built by Securosys, the leading HSM producer for the Swiss financial market.

Swiss data center hosted in Switzerland and certified to the ISO 9001, 14001, 20000, 27001 and 27018 standards.