Public Key Infrastructure

Swiss Made PKI, full-featured, and ready to use

Boost your digital security with SwissPKI TM on-premises or as a managed service.

By entrusting SwissPKITM, you can concentrate on your core business.

Compliant with standards

SwissPKITM supports the issuance and management of publicly trusted certificates.

Suited for Unix and Microsoft

SwissPKITM addresses cryptographic key management life-cycle for any environment.

Maintenance and Support

SwissPKITM offers continuous updates and upgrades – with high-level implementation and administration support.


Secure Swiss Data Center

Because your data is valuable, SwissPKITM ensures its security with managed hosting.

SwissPKITM is a feature-rich, fully integrated Public Key Infrastructure service that helps expand your enterprise security.

OUR SErvice

From large-scale deployments to Embedded or Cloud Solutions, our service provides all necessary out-of-the-box components to increase your digital security in a safe, swift, and simple way.

Web Portals

Web portals for SwissPKI administrators, Operators and Registration Officers

Certificate Life Cycle Management
Certificate life cycle and workflow management, issuance, revocation and publication supporting internal, public trust and external Certification Authorities

OpenAPI v3
REST API for automating PKI deployments from administrative tasks, onboarding of users to certificate issuance

Microsoft Autoenrollment
Automatic certificate enrollment for Windows users and machines on their Windows Domain

Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol to help IT administrators issue certificates automatically to network and mobile device

Automated certificate deployment between servers and Certification Authorities

PKI Adapter to automate certificate issuance and renewal for the next generation networks

Online Certificate Status Protocol for obtaining real time revocation status of digital certificates

Timestamp service to independently and irrefutably prove the time of a transaction, the time a document was signed and when it was archived


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