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SwissSign Group AG is the largest Trust Services provider in Switzerland and offers a steadily growing customer base not only the centralised authentication solution SwissID, but also publicly trusted digital certificates, legally compliant digital signature services and private managed PKIs.


SwissSign’s central PKI management is based on a solution developed in-house, which is tailored to the needs of the customers. However, the company was confronted with sharply increasing costs for maintenance and operation of the software, which had been constantly expanded since the early years. In addition, the necessary flexibility of the software was no longer given in order to be able to react quickly to the ongoing regulatory changes. SwissSign therefore began searching for a modern PKI solution that would enable them to react quickly to changing market needs and relieve the company of development work. SwissSign evaluated libC’s SwissPKITM as the future central PKI platform to serve its core business.

SwissPKITM is thus faced with the task of integrating itself into an existing system and process landscape that had developed over a number of years and was deeply anchored among employees as well as customers and partners.


SwissPKITM is ideally equipped for such a task. Thanks to its extensive interfaces, the PKI software from libC Technologies can be seamlessly integrated into a company’s business processes. Service management platforms can manage the PKI via these interfaces in a largely automated manner and, – as an example, set up or adjust customer accounts and product assignments.

Since version 2, SwissPKITM complies with the requirements of the CA/B Forum, forming the regulatory body for publicly trusted certificates. libC Technologies continuously monitors changes to these regulations and proactively adapts the product to new requirements. In this way, the SwissSign development team is relieved of such tasks and can focus on the optimal integration of customer processes and service delivery.

On the operational level, the modularised and container-based delivery of the PKI software simplifies the maintenance of the PKI platform. SwissPKITM can be obtained and installed directly from the libC container repository.

• Modular and scalable architecture of SwissPKI optimal for operation in modern, container-based operating environment.
• Flexible process integration of the PKI thanks to comprehensive interfaces to internal systems and standard-compliant registration interfaces such as CMC, ACME, SCEP, Microsoft CEP/CES, and more.


SwissSign and libC Technologies have entered into a partnership for this project and are working in close cooperation towards a successful implementation of the PKI migration. The expertise of both companies thereby flows into a modern, powerful and future-proof platform.

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