Time Stamp Authority – SwissPKI
The Swiss Managed Public Key Infrastructure as a Service. Time Stamp Authority
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Time Stamp Authority


Accept or reject explicit time stamp requests based on their hash algorithms and include leap second information in time stamp tokens (insert, delete, in progress and occurrence). Skip time stamping when the time drift exceeds your defined thresholds. The service offers extended Policy ID validation and issues 160 bit unique token IDs. Additionally, you have the choice between software or hardware signing keys.


The wide choice of configurable signing algorithms allows you to setup with no limitation any number of TSA servers configured within your PKI community. The Time Stamp Authority is RFC 3161, RFC 3628, ETSI TS 101 861 & ETSI TS 102 023 conform.

  • ETSI & RFC 3161 compliant Time Stamp Authority
  • Configure digest time stamps (SHA2 and SHA3 families)
  • Define your time stamp policy identifier
  • Control time stamp accuracy in milliseconds
  • Connect multiple NTP sources
  • Time Stamp Authority is online and accessible, no additional server setup required
  • Each TSA is associated with a CA, multiple TSAs per community and CA supported