Secure Email – SwissPKI
The Swiss Managed Public Key Infrastructure as a Service. Secure Email
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Secure Email


The Primus Secure Email Messaging based on SwissPKI delivers robust hardware based centralized key management backed up by strong cryptography to protect and authenticate point-to-point message communication within user communities. User communities are identified groups of external message recipients and senders authorized to communicate with identified and authorized people belonging to an organization.

  • As a centralized key and certificate management system, the service enables a client to setup, authorize and manage user communities to establish point-to-point secure messaging between its organization and the identified user communities.
  • Secure Email messaging between a client and its user communities occurs through the standard Microsoft Windows Outlook Email client to send and receive digitally signed and ciphered messages using the clients’ IT infrastructure (messages are therefore not stored on third party servers). Secure messaging support for clients running Linux based systems is also supported.
  • All key material used by the client’s users and its community users is stored on Primus HSMs and is accessible via Securosys’ Cloud-HSM. This makes the service available from office desktop and mobile laptops. The cryptographic key material is securely stored and protected on the Primus HSM and never leaves it.