Primus HSM – SwissPKI
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Primus HSM


SuissePKI integrates with the Primus Cloud or On-Premises HSMs, taking full advantage of the built-in backup and replication mechanisms. Advanced Primus HSM features include securing all keys and PKI meta data objects directly in hardware on the HSM partition.


SuissePKI reduces your operational overhead, reduces costs and increases security: no more licensing, maintenance and support of dedicated systems such as database servers, application and archive servers, monitoring and controls systems.

  • Integration with Primus HSM
    For a centralized key management with one or two factor remote authentication, high-availability and failover features, our Public Key Infrastructure seamlessly integrates with Securosys Primus HSM. The solution features single or multi-tenant configurations, on premises or cloud deployments as well as single or clustered HSMs.
  • Advanced feature with Primus HSM
    We provide an all-in-one solution with Securosys SA Primus HSM. The Public Key Infrastructure’s secures all key material, X.509 objects, meta data objects and log information on the Primus HSM partitions.
  • Pre-generated Hardware Keys
    When issuing keys and certificates for end users and systems, the Public Key Infrastructure injects pre-generated key material using a secured channels between chip and the Primus HSM.