Microsoft Certificate Enrolment – SwissPKI
The Swiss Managed Public Key Infrastructure as a Service. Microsoft Certificate Enrolment
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Microsoft Certificate Enrolment


Certificate Enrolment Proxy for enrolment and auto-enrolment of X.509 security certificates for Microsoft CA for computers and users in a Windows Domain.

  • Independence from Microsoft CA
  • Support for Microsoft PKI protocols – no PKI client software distribution
  • Use AD group policy mechanisms (GPO) – established configuration in Active Directory
  • Seamless Active Directory PKI integration
  • Using group policies (GPO) for certificate auto-enrolment
  • Full support for Windows 7-10, no client software needed
  • Manual or auto enrolment of user certificates, machine and service certificates
  • Certificate auto enrolment for Network & Mobile Devices via SCEP
  • Web enrolment via IIS
  • HTTP enrolment for non-domain clients using CEP/CES
  • Automatically renew  Windows certificates (auto-renewal)
  • Synchronization of revocation data to AD