Certification Authorities – SwissPKI
The Swiss Managed Public Key Infrastructure as a Service
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Certification Authorities


Deploy single or complex lattice interconnected Certification Authorities to set up the essential trust between your users and systems. Benefit from our partnership with Securosys SA. Keep your authority keys safe with the Primus Cloud HSM or on dedicated Primus HSMs. Integrates with all major Hardware Security Modules manufacturers.

  • Create Root CA and Subordinate CA, assign individual Primus HSM partition to CA instances
  • Cross-sign Root or Subordinate CA
  • Create and assign multiple Certificate Distribution Points (CDP) per CA
  • Create multiple Certificate Revocation List publishing rules per CA
  • Manage per CA settings (unique public key enforcement, include expired certificates in CRLs, generate CRLs on every revocation)
  • Support for certificate linter micro services
  • Assign certificate issuance policies to registration authority officers groups per role and per CA
  • Search, export and revoke certificates per CA (Certification Administrator Officer)
  • Online and accessible within seconds, no additional server setup and configuration required
  • One click activation/deactivation of the service
  • Advanced REST Service interface for automation