Certificate Management Life-Cycle – SwissPKI
The Swiss Managed Public Key Infrastructure as a Service. Certificate Management Life-Cycle
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Certificate Management Life-Cycle


SwissPKI helps you keep your certificates up-to-date and maintain complete visibility over them across issuing authorities. You can assign roles such as registration officer, authorizer or auditor to trusted persons who can manage issuance, renewal or recovery to streamline your organization’s work flows to control each certificate management phase.


In addition to the certificate policy management available out-of-the-box, you can provide your own micro-services on a policy basis to control misconfiguration, missing fields and/or use internal trusted data sources to validate certificate content.

  • Comprehensive dashboards providing quick overviews of issued, revoked and expiring certificates
  • Advanced certificate search functions and certificate fields and extensions
  • Certificate downloads (multiple formats, publication and revocation)
  • Certificate renewal in automatic or manual mode supporting notifications in multiple languages
  • Certificate issuance and management supporting external public CA
  • Enforced authorizations steps when enabled by the certificate policy for issuance, renewal and/or key recovery
  • End user registration documents
  • Advanced certificate and TBS structure validation/control using external micro-services (pre and post issuance)
  • Advanced REST Service interface for automation